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Library Director @ Jackson-George Regional Library System (Pascagoula, Mississippi)

Friday, June 04, 2021 7:20 AM | Jennifer Nabzdyk Todd (Administrator)

Jackson-George Regional Library System

Pascagoula, Mississippi

 Regional Administration



The person holding the position of Library Director is appointed by the JGRLS Board of Trustees to manage all aspects of the Regional Library’s day-to-day operations. The Library Director performs all duties and responsibilities in accordance with Board of Trustees’ approved policies and other directives as issued by the Board and in accordance with Mississippi Library Law.  


As outlined in the Mississippi Code of 1972, Revised, Section 39-3-17(2), the duties and responsibilities of the Library Director include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: (1) administer and establish procedures in accordance with policies established by the Board of Trustees, (2) employ staff with approval of Board of Trustees, (3) prescription of staff duties, (4) removal of staff for cause, (5) preparation of the budget, (6) financial and statistical management, (7) reporting to the Board of Trustees and (7) other acts necessary for the orderly and efficient administration of the Library System.


The employee holding this position will, through open and continuous channels of communication, complete all job duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently. 

Candidates for the position of Library Director must submit: (1) application for employment, (2) supplemental application and (3) candidate self-assessment.  Applicants are also required to provide a professional resume as well as an official copy of graduate library school transcripts.


The employee holding this position is subject to an initial nine-month probationary period. Performance evaluations are conducted at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.



The Director must be a dynamic, highly motivated leader who has demonstrated a high degree of management and leadership skills, sensitivity to community needs, the ability to manage change, the skills and ability to work cooperatively with the administrative Board of Trustees and the skills needed to motivate staff to continued high levels of service.

  1. Master’s degree in Library Science from an ALA-accredited graduate school.
  2. Five years successful administrative/management experience in a public library.
  3. Proven skills and ability to effectively interface with all Library employees, Library trustees and advisory groups, local governmental personnel, community leaders, local groups and organizations.
  4. Demonstrated management, supervisory, planning, organizational, leadership, motivational and other professional and interpersonal skills.
  5. Effective verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking skills.
  6. Working knowledge of current library-related technologies and trends.
  7. Valid driver’s license and access to a reliable vehicle.



  1. Working knowledge and experience managing buildings’ renovation / large scale projects / temporary personnel displacement.



  1.  Policy Making
    a.    Assist Board of Trustees in preparing, and reviewing, and evaluating current and proposed policies on an approved schedule.
    b.    Implement and administer Board approved policies fairly and consistently and interpret the policies to staff and the community.
    Ensure that policies comply with State and Federal Laws.
    Assure the Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery Plan is followed during times of emergency and or disaster to ensure continuity of operations. Ensure that employees receive emergency response training. Propose alteration of Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery Plan procedures based on regulatory changes, technological changes, or knowledge gained from outcomes of previous emergency situations.
    Ensure all resource materials associated with emergency preparedness plans are maintained and updated.

  2. Funding and Fiscal Management

    a.    Work with the Business Manager on preparing annual budgets and budget requests for JGRLS Board of Trustees.

    b.    Present budget requests as needed to local government officials.

    c.    Provide and maintain accurate facts and figures for budget preparation and operate the Library System within the bounds of the established budget with revisions as needed during the fiscal year.

    d.    Report the financial status of the Library System to the Board.

    e.    Purchase and discard items and equipment in accordance with State laws.

  3. Personnel
    Employees reporting to and supervised by the Library Director include Assistant Director Collection Management Services/IT, Assistant Director Branch Services, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Manager, Business Manager, and Marketing and Public Relations Specialist.

    a.    Hire all Regional Library employees in accordance with Board-approved Personnel Policies.

    b.    Review and update all position descriptions, as needed.

    c.    Serve as a role model for staff to emulate.

    d.    Encourage staff members to perform to their highest potential.

    e.    Attend Leadership Management Development Programs (Certification) designed for personal growth to continuously improve managerial interactions with staff.

    f.     Involve management personnel and other staff in the decision-making process.

    g.    Conduct personnel performance evaluations in accordance with polices.

    h.    Terminate employees in accordance with personnel policies.

    i.      Provide opportunities for continued staff development and training.

    j.      Review staffing, classification and salary schedules, employee classifications, etc., annually; recommend revisions to Board, typically as part of the budgetary process.  Review and recommended COLA and Merit raises.

  4. Other
    a. Analyze needs and problems and develop cost-effective, creative, and efficient solutions.

    b.    Evaluate and identify programs that can be improved or enhanced by LSTA Grants or other grant opportunities.

    c.    Write, submit, and administer LSTA grants and other grants as required.

    d.    Make sound decisions based on approved policies, personal judgment, legal authorities and verifiable data.

    e.    Submit complete and timely financial, statistical and other reports to proper authorities.

    f.     Be knowledgeable of state, city and county governmental organization and operation.

    g.    Encourage personnel to meet their maximum abilities and challenge them to grow professionally through staff development and inservice training.

    h.    Investigate, evaluate, and implement new technologies into the Library System.

    i.      Keep up-to-date on all types of library materials, including print, non-print, and technology-based information resources and services, and provide for inclusion as needed.

    j.      Participate in state library associations, attend conferences and statewide library Director’s meetings and other MLC sponsored programs and functions, as well as serving as a liaison between Mississippi Library Commission (MLC) and the JGRLS Board of Trustees. Maintain a good rapport with MLA and MLC staff.

    k.    Attend various meetings as requested in the community, such as local civic groups, Friends of the Library, Advisory Boards, educational organizations, etc.

    l.      Develop partnerships with community groups and organizations, including attending city council/board of aldermen meetings and Board of Supervisors meetings, as requested, or needed.


The absence of specific statements of duties does not exclude those tasks from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment.


Primary work site for this position is the Pascagoula Public Library – Regional Library Administration located at 3214 Pascagoula Street in Pascagoula, Mississippi. 


The Library Director is eligible for 100% Board approved employee benefits. The salary range for this position is $70,000 - $90,000 dependent on qualifications and experience.


The position of Library Director is classified as “executive” and “exempt” under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act Amendments of 1985.


The employee holding this position must (1) meet employment eligibility requirements as set forth in the Immigration Reform and Control act of 1986 and the implementing regulations, (2) read, understand and sign the System’s personnel policies, (3) read, understand and sign the System’s drug free work-place policy and (4) read, understand and sign other system policy and procedure statements pertinent to this position.



Go to http://www.jgrls.org/services/employment.html to download an application.

Please send your resume, a letter of application, and a completed job application to Jackson George Regional Library System Board of Trustees, C/O Darlene Broadus, Human Resources Manager, 3214 Pascagoula Street, Pascagoula, MS 39567 or send via email dbroadus@jgrls.org



Job Type: Full-time


An Equal Opportunity Employer






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